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Idea Grow With Time And For Growth Join with Us Welcome to Bonsmat Group

Main Object:- Business & Payment Solution For Companies India & Abroad.

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We stop growing once we reach maturity so invest into time because time never stop and never wait so do not wait for next time We grow with time because we work in different working time zones Join for growth in groups Welcome to Bonsmat Group *****

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Telephone No: 0161-5033023
Whatsapp: 7814442761
Head-Office: 129/2, Street No:6, Peru Banda Salem Tabri, Ludhiana, Punjab

Tearms & Conditions Of Bonsmat Group

Every person appointed to any post signed or unsigned with agreement or without agreement but in salaried or commission base condition all are same in Bonsmat Group & associated companies with Bonsmat shall be agreed to these terms on probation for a period of three years. No one can discuss any company policy with ony one outsider, if any thing found in any condition then legal action will be taken.

Each employee accept the rule is that, he/she should not leave the company before completing any running project. If he/she wants to leave the company then, he/she should inform in company to authorised person before 3 months from leavening the job, (in written). He/she should hand over project to another authorised employee who can handle the project.

If any employee is absent from more than 2 days he/she should be bring the reason of absent/Proofs. If proof is medical certificate then medical certificate must be issued by Govt. Doctor, for this time employee should be hand over the complete project detail to co-employee with written on digital & hard notification. Get NOC from company for particular time period of medical leave. Company is not responsible for any medical fee or charges for employee because of in-house projects. All terms & Conditions will be updated time to time as per need of projects. If any employee absent without NOC employee have to take a responsibility 75% of losses project cost & 25% will be bare the company.

Project for Otomax connector: - project will be complete in a team work with Sood communication & Bonsmat Group & BBSI (Bonsmat Business Solution India) Pvt. Ltd. joint venture so every employee should be responsible for project & product efficiency. Because this project work national & International level market.

Project for Android: - This project is individual responsibility of android developer & back end team should be if any employee take holiday or absent for any reason he should be hand over then project to co-employee of same project otherwise T&C will be applied.

Only Ludhiana court's jurisdiction